Methyl Ethel, Lila Gold, Lisa Richards

Wednesday September 18  |  7:00pm - 10:00pm
Santa Monica Pier - Santa Monica
Indie / Electro-Pop


Aussie Splash Night

Methyl Ethel

METHYL ETHEL has always been an expression of the subconscious. Born in the heat of the Australian summer, the early recordings were built from the ground up and meant to evoke experiences that have been erased with time. The band writes about abstract emotional experiences while being ultra-personal, a delicate balance of internal revelations played off against calculated ambiguity. Today, Methyl Ethel brings in a lumbering new wave groove, featuring melting synths, keyboard-driven singles, infectious hypnotism and big composition.

Lila Gold

Raised between Sydney and NYC, Lila Gold’s musical aesthetic blends equal parts of both a mystical, playful nature and the honesty of a raw NYC disposition, giving her uniqueness beyond the realm of pop de jour. Straddling both the experimental and mainstream sides of pop with influences that span genres of Dancehall, Pop, Hip Hop and Reggaeton, Lila Gold builds a hybrid fantasy diorama of love, depression, drugs, materialism, the internet and the desire to feel the human condition of neo-romanticism in a self-aware digital age. She cultivates an uncontrived blend of sound that parallels a deep rooted influence of Hip Hop whilst holding the bonding essence of an ultimately rebellious and dreamy escapist.


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Twilight on the Pier

Twilight on the Pier is the free weekly music festival as iconic as the Pier itself. Now in it’s 35th consecutive year, Twilight continues the long-standing tradition of celebrating emerging and established artists and sounds from around the world. Featuring art, an all new comedy stage, eats, wine and beer garden, games and interactive activations.

Twilight's "Local Meets Global" theme celebrates different cultural soundscapes, mixing classic world music with pop jams and indie folk. We're highlighting artists who live and create in different countries, as well as artists who draw inspiration from those countries but live in LA, in an effort to provide our audience with a deeper understanding of what world music has to offer, and how it influences artists right here at home.

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