Island Vibes

Wednesday September 19  |  6:30pm - 9:30pm
Santa Monica Pier - Santa Monica


Main Stage:

Judy Mowatt

Once a member of Bob Marley's "I-Three," she has all the ingredients to be a trendsetting musician in an International arena. With a magnificent voice, award-winning composing talent and stunning beauty, Judy Mowatt has been a reggae and soul queen for more than 40 years.


Led Zeppelin-esq blues stomp meets Caribbean kaladja: a wholly unique sound that creates a nuanced picture of the world today. With a strong, yet empathetic, lyrical approach, Bokante is a vibrant image of what it wishes to see in the world: connection, unity and love through cultural exchange.

West End Stage:

Twilight Steel Drums

Pacific Park Stage:

DJ Danny Holloway

Former music journalist, producer and music publisher, Danny Holloway has spent more than 40 years in the music industry and knows how to drop a beat. Danny starting DJing in 2007 and joined the internet radio collective Dublab, curating music for Apple Music, AllMusic, TED conferences, boutique hotels, cruises and more.


Santa Monica PierMap
Santa Monica Pier   |   Visit Website for More Details
380 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica


Twilight on the Pier

New name, new season, new vision: introducing Twilight on the Pier! The outdoor music festival that's almost as iconic as the Pier itself is back for the 34th year. The 2018 series will spotlight the best and brightest SoCal has to offer and unique artists from around the world - a truly Local Meets Global experience. Each night of the series will be a Pier-wide festival, complete with immersive art, food offerings, a beer and spirits garden, games and interactive activations all along the Pier promenade.

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