Thursday July 12  |  6:00pm - 7:30pm
Spring Street Park - Los Angeles
Pop / Soul


KiSMiT draws inspiration from the funky sounds of Allen Stone, the playfulness of Justin Timberlake dance groove and the honest quirk of Regina Spektor. Their mutual love of soul, dance-pop, and funk blends their voices together in a such a way that only fate would have it.

Fall 2013, within the walls of a songwriting class at Berklee College of Music, one wandering Cape Townian crosses paths with a zesty Californian. Despite being from opposite ends of the globe, the two found there to be a spark to grand to ignore. Together they determined it a worthwhile use of their time to take their music to the world. After doing so in 50+ cities & 20+ countries they craved some grounding. Carly & Baz have since planted roots in Silver Lake, California.


Spring Street Park   |   Visit Website for More Details
428 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles


This summer, the staff at Pershing Square, the Financial District attraction overseen by the City Department of Recreation and Parks, is once again expanding its programming by hosting a series of free jazz concerts at the nearby Spring Street Park. Six Thursdays of great jazz sounds at this little jem of open space in downtown.

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