Kátia Moraes and Brazilian Hearts, Conganas

Thursday July 12  |  7:00pm - 9:00pm
Culver City City Hall - Culver City


Kátia Moraes and Brazilian Hearts

Katia Moraes & Brazilian Heart is a vibrant ensemble performing a repertoire of Brazilian music with many influences from all over the world. The fabulous Brazilian singer Moraes with her electrifying performance and the band's tropical rhythms will turn City Hall into a Samba dance experience like you've never seen before.


CONGANAS which means “with passion” features some of the most talented and experienced players in the Los Angeles music scene today, not only do they perform with their own band but are also touring musicians with some of the greatest bands and musicians in the Latin Jazz, R & B, Pop and Soul genres. Conganas was formed in 2010 and is led by percussionist Christian Moraga originally from Chile.

What started as a concept and challenge of replicating the sound of a full Latin orchestra with only a quartet has led to many performance opportunities in diverse venues throughout Southern, California.


Culver City City Hall   |   Visit Website for More Details
9770 Culver Blvd.
Culver City


Culver City's Boulevard Music Summer Festival

Six free concerts under the stars in the intimate courtyard of Culver City City Hall. Show up early to get a good spot to sit, or purchase a premium seat for $10 from Boulevard Music.

There is 2-hour free parking with concert validation in public lots nearby.

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