Uptown Funk, The Answer

Saturday August 11  |  6:30pm - 8:30pm
Starlight Bowl - Burbank
Tribute/Cover Band


Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars tribute)

Uptown Funk is comprised of the best musicians and performers, specializing in a complete Bruno Mars concert production. These musicians love what they do and work hard together at being one of the very best tribute bands in the industry. Uptown Funk performs the full range of Bruno Mars' live band onstage, including some of the most complex and challenging songs recorded and performed for live audiences. No other rendition of Bruno Mars' music comes close to this level of accuracy during live performance, which has taken time to master, with unmatched attention to detail. Uptown Funk's stage production captures it all flawlessly.

The Answer

Since 1964, The Answer has been supplying its renditions of top 40 hits, back then popular rock and today now classified as classic rock. Back in the seventies, The Answer was the official band of "The River: in Arizona. Summer season after summer season the band entertained sold out audiences and were the talk in not only Arizona but Southern California, where the majority of people flocked from, as the best cover rock band around.

* NOTE: There is a fee for these shows ($15 in advance), You can order tickets through their website.


Starlight BowlMap
Starlight Bowl   |   Visit Website for More Details
1249 Lockheed View Drive


2018 Summer Concerts *

* NOTE: There is a fee for these shows ($15 in advance), You can order tickets through their website.

Great evening concerts at a beautiful outdoor amphitheater tucked into the hills above Burbank.

There is parking at the venue for $8 and opens at 4:30pm.

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