Amber & Smoke

Thursday July 12  |  6:00pm - 8:00pm
Beverly Cañon Gardens - Beverly Hills
Folk / Soul


Amber & Smoke is a folk n’ soul duo from Ventura County, California. They recently released their first full-length album titled “Riverbound”. Vocalist Amber Olive was featured as a guest artist on Bill Rotella’s 2017 solo release, titled “amber and smoke”. That album, and other albums from Rotella, can be heard on Pandora and most music platforms. Bill was the founder of L.A bands Baywood and Dakota and has recorded 9 albums. Bill is the son of L.A session musician and composer Johnny Rotella (Sinatra, Dean Martin and many others) and the nephew of big band arranger Jerry Gray (Glenn Miller).

Amber and Bill ‘s vocal blend and performing style have made them very popular in a short period of time. They have been featured in a variety of newspapers and they perform throughout Southern and Central California. VC Reporter: “Imagine Tina Turner fronts The Eagles….good original songs…there’s a definite buzz about Amber & Smoke”.


Beverly Cañon Gardens   |   Visit Website for More Details
241 N. Cañon Drive
Beverly Hills


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